A Strong Mind Can Control Weaken Emotions

We all listen this NO! Heart control our emotions.NO! Mind control our emotions. But We never got the result that WHO EXACTLY CONTROL OUR EMOTIONS;

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So here is the result that who exactly control our emotions . MIND! yes our mind control our emotions.

When we are worried about something ,we feel that there is no way for us to come out from all the hardest situations .So we create negative thoughts in our mind that’s the way we create stress.Those negative thoughts cause mental illness.

Why we create stress!

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Because there is no HOPE. NO! every day is a new day ,every day has a HOPE. We just need to start .

With positive thinking we can create our own way without any person ’s help and how we can create positive thoughts.Just look around and see there are many things to do.

Its fine if stress make strong appearance in our life for a moment .But don’t allow A Moment to control your whole life. Stress never control us if we know how to live our life on a low key. Just free your self like wind and accept all the weakness of your self.

For Example ;

If you are not expert in something that’s okay,that’s fine.Don’t allow your mind to create negative thoughts about this. Just address your weakness in front of people and free your self from mental illness like stress,anxiety,depression,fear of self assessments.

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If people laugh on you.let them laugh that’s there choice,but in your mind you should make a strong emotion about this .Gradually you will be an expert in this, no matter how much time it takes.

our mind creates a circle of all positive thoughts and struggle with our weaknesses silently. Because only we know how to overcome our weakness whom we have been going through.





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